Plants Not Pills CBD products are premium, whole hemp-derived, US-grown cannabidiol (CBD) of the highest quality to power individuals seeking greater health and wellness. We also supply numerous pharmacies, clinics, and other healthcare providers who wish to offer CBD products to their patients and customers.

Plants Not Pills CBD products utilize a proprietary technology to virtually eliminate post-harvest mold and other pathogens, and to lock in farm-to-table freshness.

Grown, harvested, & made in the USA

Our products are grown and harvested under the Kentucky Department of Agriculture in concord with section 7606 of the U.S. Farm Bill and the laws of the State of Kentucky. 

Plants Not Pills CBD products naturally contain high levels of CBD found in the proprietary hemp cultivars sourced and we pride ourselves on ensuring that the hemp extract we utilize in our products crops are sustainably farmed on U.S. family farms and are free of pesticides.

Tested by independent third parties

Plants Not Pills CBD formulations are tested by independent third parties at the time of extraction as well as after they are packaged in final form. This ensures that the premium quality of our products spans from raw goods to final product.

Our premium hemp-derived CBD products are sustainably farmed in the rich, fertile soils of the U.S Southeast, extracted in FDA-registered and inspected, GMP-compliant facilities, and formulated with domestic, natural, and organic ingredients*.

Diverse product selection

Plants Not Pills CBD products come in a wide range of modalities and selections, including broad spectrum (THC-Free) and full spectrum (containing less than 0.3% THC) options available in oil, capsule, gummy, and topical forms.

Our products incorporate natural, domestically-sourced ingredients, and are formulated with organic ingredients where available.

Plants Not Pills CBD products are available for both humans and pets.

*Organic ingredients used where available. Current regulations prevent hemp and hemp extracts from USDA Organic certification eligibility.