A Beginner’s Guide to CBD Dosage: How to Choose What’s Right For You

Everyone’s talking about CBD, and it’s no surprise. The well known plant-based product is a valuable treatment for many health issues. In the past few years, there has been even more research put into what CBD can treat. 

Unlike many prescription medications, CBD has almost no negative side-effects and no lasting effects on people’s bodies. Also unlike prescription medications, you can inject CBD in various ways, and its dosage is completely in your control (not pharmaceutical companies). 

To get the most out of CBD, you have to make sure you’re getting the right dosage for your body and for what you’re treating. Keep reading to learn more about how you can find the right CBD dosage for you. 

CBD Dosage for Anxiety and Depression

People who suffer from anxiety or depression are often prescribed SSRI medications. SSRI medications alter a person’s serotonin levels because often anxiety and depression are the result of low serotonin levels. 

Studies have shown that CBD also affects serotonin levels in people who suffer from anxiety and depression. It does this by interacting with the nervous system’s CB1 and CB2 receptors. There is also evidence that CBD improves symptoms of PTSD in individuals. 

A moderate to a large dose of CBD usually treats anxiety and depression symptoms. But, many people find that they do not need as large of a dose. In addition to their regular dosage, some people find it helpful to take additional dosages before anxiety-inducing situations for extra support. 

To find your best CBD dosage for anxiety and depression, you should first start small (around 5mg) and work your way up to a higher dosage until you find the one that works best for you.

Remember that everyone is different, so what works for one person may not be what works for you. 

CBD Dosage for Pain

The kind of pain you’re experiencing and your CBD tolerance play a part in what your CBD dosage should be. Like with treating anxiety and depression, you may need to adjust your dosage daily until you find the right one. 

Mild pain associated with menstrual cramps, minor back pains, or arthritis is usually treated with a moderate dose of CBD. But, more chronic pains or pains associated with nerve damage require heavy doses of CBD. 

While some people do experience immediate pain relief with CBD usage, others with more chronic conditions may have to wait a few days or weeks to experience relief from their symptoms. People who experience joint pain or back pain benefit from using a CBD cream on the problem area along with their oral CBD dosage. 

If your symptoms do not improve in several days, you should up your CBD dosage until you find a dosage that works. 

CBD Dosage for Sleep

Small amounts of CBD can be a stimulant. To get the sleep benefits of CBD, you will need to take a heavy dose. The heavier a dose of CBD, the more it will help your sleep. 

Also, certain strains of CBD improve sleep more than others. There are many CBD strains made specifically to help people sleep. Strains that also contain lavandin, linalool, or myrcene promote sleep even more. 

CBD Dosage for Dogs

CBD not only treats humans, but it’s also safe for treatment in dogs. You can use CBD to alleviate some of the symptoms of arthritis and anxiety in dogs. To determine the dosage for your furry friend, you can use a weight calculator, similar to how you would calculate your dosage. 

For every 5 lbs your dog weighs, give them .5ml of CBD. 

If your dog’s symptoms are particularly severe, you can up the dosage. CBD is not a cure for pain and anxiety in dogs, but it can help them to feel less severe symptoms.

CBD Dosage Based on Weight

Like other medications and drugs, a person’s weight and metabolism play a big part in determining the right dosage. Determining your dosage based on your weight is a good starting point for finding out your body’s true dosage. 

Here’s an easy way to determine your starting CBD dosage based on your weight: 

Take 1mg of CBD for every 10lbs. 

For an example of how you would calculate this, an individual who weighs 150lbs would take 15mg of CBD. 

Now, this is just a starting point. That may be enough for people with a low CBD tolerance or who are treating minor symptoms. But, if that’s not enough to treat your symptoms, you can begin increasing the dosage little by little. 

Next, learn how to measure the amount of CBD you’re getting with each dose. 

Make Sure You’re Getting the Right Dose

One of the great things about CBD is that you can get it in so many forms. You can get CBD in the form of gummies, edible oils, creams and gels, vape oils, and flowers. It makes using CBD to treat symptoms accessible to everyone. 

But, with so many forms of CBD out there, it can be tricky to figure out how much CBD dosage you’re getting. 

Gummies and oils will usually give you a dosage per serving or drop. If the CBD oil doesn’t give you a dosage per drop, it will give you a dosage per bottle. To determine how much CBD you get from each drop, use this simple equation. 

Amount of CBD in bottle divided by number ML in the bottle. The resulting number will give you the CBD dosage in MG per full dropper. 

It’s the same process for determining the dosage in a vape oil. By determining how much CBD you’re getting in each dropper, you can regulate your CBD dosage in your vape cartridge. 

These methods are not 100% accurate (it’s impossible to be 100%). But, if you use these methods in addition to paying close attention to the effects of your CBD intake, you should be able to get the right dosage. 

Buy CBD From a Trusted Source

There is no FDA regulation for the distribution of CBD. Because of that, it’s important to find a CBD source that you trust. A good CBD source is just as important as determining your CBD dosage. 

Plants Not Pills is a trustworthy source of organic CBD in all its forms. We’re here to be your number one source for accurate information about CBD. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about CBD treatment and dosage.