BaOx – Hemp Flower


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Organically-grown in Florida
Rich terpene profile
Lab-tested for safety, purity, and potency
Free from heavy metals, pesticides, mycotoxins, and mold
No psychoactive effects
< 0.2% THC/ 13% CBD
May aid with pain relief, anxiety, digestive issues

Details: Sativa dominant with a complete terpene profile that include generous quantities of Caryophyllene, a terpene found in many essential oils due to its potent floral and earthy notes as well as Myrcene, a fruity terpene known for its mellowing properties. 

Instructions for use: There are multiple ways to consume BaOx. You can grind the flower and place in your vape, roll it up or enjoy in a pipe. CBD Therapy can also be used for edibles once it is decarboxylated as well as brewed in a tea.

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