Thank You, Healthcare Workers

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Since COVID-19 began to impact all aspects of life as we know it, one group of individuals have stood out above all others. 

The healthcare workers of America have emerged as the true heroes of our time. Watch any video taken inside an emergency room and it’s easy to see why these brave men and women deserve our utmost respect and admiration. Despite chronic shortages of equipment and protective gear, doctors, nurses, caregivers and hospital staff have demonstrated fearlessness in the face of the unknown.  

It’s only fitting that this year’s National Nurses Week (May.6th-12th) has been  extended to a whole month. Just as 2020 will go down in history as the year of social distancing and isolation, it will hopefully be remembered as the year that the world recognized the unsung healthcare workers who have saved millions of lives. 

In many countries, there is a nightly ritual of recognizing the efforts of healthcare workers by clapping for them at 8 pm each evening. Here at Plants Not Pills CBD we applaud our nation’s healthcare workers by offering these courageous individuals affordable access to pain and anxiety relief through organic CBD products

Throughout the months of July and August we invite all healthcare workers to take advantage of a 40% off discount on all our organic, 3rd party tested Made-in-USA CBD products.

Simply fill out the form below. Remember to include your name, email, and a copy of your workplace ID so we can reply with an exclusive promo code. 

Healthcare Workers- we salute you! 

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