CBD for Chronic Inflammation

using cbd for inflammation

“Anti-inflammatory” is a term used frequently these days to sell everything from olive oil to aspirin. But what does it really mean? And how can you use CBD for inflammation?

Redness, pain, heat and swelling are all symptoms of inflammation. Fever is a prime example of inflammatory symptoms and the body’s natural response to virus or infection. Think of firetrucks racing to the scene of a blaze. Antibodies, hormones and white blood cells rush to repair weakened areas in the immune system. In a normally functioning immune system, the body is able to able to suppress infection. Consequently, inflammation subsides. However, if inflammation is recurring and doesn’t go away, this is usually a symptom of a serious chronic health issue. 

Chronic swelling of organs, lymph nodes and extremities are signs that the body is consistently in fight mode, unable to successfully suppress disease pathogens. The result is a weakened immune system left increasingly defenseless against infection and illness. 

Inflammation isn’t only caused by illness. Diets high in fat and sugar, excessive alcohol intake and smoking introduce toxins that force our body systems to work much harder. Over a prolonged period of time, the toll of chronic inflammation on the immune system can become permanent, and in many cases lead to heart disease, cancer and a variety of autoimmune disorders.

Fighting Chronic Inflammation

One of the most effective ways to remedy chronic inflammation is adhering to an “anti-inflammatory” lifestyle. This includes following a Mediterranean diet, which is low in red meat, sodas and saturated fats as well as rich in anti-inflammatory fruits and vegetables. In addition to eating healthily, regular exercise has also been shown to reduce chronic inflammation by sending fresh blood and oxygen throughout the body and helping to flush out toxins. 

Using CBD for Inflammation

Several studies suggest that CBD applied on skin can reduce inflammation. Research also indicates that CBD regularly ingested orally can reverse the effects of the free radicals and toxins that cause chronic inflammation. CBD has been praised as an effective anti-inflammatory agent. The compound is able to interact with endocannabinoid receptors and disrupt the production of cytokines, the protein secreted by cells that cause inflammation. 

Suggested Products: CBD for Inflammation

Here are some hand-picked recommendations and products to consider when seeking relief from inflammation. Fortify is especially high on our list because it includes curcumin, a well-documented supplement to help fight inflammation and for its anti-oxidant properties.

CBD as Preventative Care

As health care systems all over the world struggle to keep up with the demands of increasingly aging and sick populations, there is a growing wave of medical professionals advocating for preventative treatment protocols. This means encouraging people to take steps to prevent chronic illness before they develop. In addition to diet and exercise regimes, CBD is becoming widely accepted as a supplement to be used daily to bolster the immune system, prevent inflammation and reduce dependency on prescription and over-the-counter pain medication. 

Plants Not Pills CBD for Inflammatory Conditions

Many of Plants Not Pills CBD clients regularly use CBD for relief from chronic inflammatory conditions such as joint pain/arthritis with Relief topical pain cream in both jar and muscle pump formats. Clients with gastro intestinal conditions such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Crohn’s Disease have found a reduction in symptoms with Revive oil in 1200 mg and 2400 mg varieties. Several Plants Not Pills CBD clients regularly use Vitalus daily dose capsules and Fortify CBD capsules with curcumin for preventative care against chronic inflammation.  

For more information on Plants Not Pills CBD products and how they may aid with inflammation, visit www.plantsnotpillscbd.com or email hello@plantsnotpillscbd.com