Ode to the Gummy Bear

CBD gummy bears with melatonin

Let’s be honest. When it comes to life’s simple pleasures, gummy bears rank high on many of our lists. Sweet and subtle, juicy but durable, chewy yet soft, there are plenty of reasons these candies have been a confectionary staple for nearly half a century. 

So how can these wonderful treats get any better? 

How about….

Plants Not Pills CBD Gummy Bears with Melatonin

Each Plants Not Pills CBD melatonin gummy bear is packed with 25 mg of organic hemp derived cannabidiol (CBD) and 1.5 mg of melatonin. The result is a relaxing formula that comes in an array of your favorite gummy bear flavors including pineapple, sour apple, cherry, grape, orange and lemon. 

Benefits of CBD as a Sleep Aid

The benefits of CBD on sleep has been demonstrated time and again. As the main therapeutic compound found in hemp stalks, CBD has well known anti-anxiety and anti- inflammatory properties. CBD has also been shown to help the brain enter into Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep patterns.

Benefits of Melatonin

The human body produces melatonin naturally. This is the hormone that tells our body it’s time to call it a night. Studies have shown chronic insomnia sufferers do not produce enough melatonin naturally. As well, anyone suffering from severe stress or anxiety produce an excess of adrenaline and cortisol, the chemical in our brain that puts us in fight or flight mode. Research suggests that melatonin supplements can offset these chemical outbursts and assuage symptoms of anxiety, stress and insomnia.

How to Take Plants Not Pills CBD Gummy Bears with Melatonin

Plants Not Pills CBD clients who enjoy our CBD gummy bears with melatonin make their bears part of their nightly ritual by taking 1-2 gummy bears 30-45 mins before bed. 

Remember to keep your gummies in a dry place away from extreme temperatures as CBD tends to lose its potency when exposed to extreme temperatures. 

Why deny yourself gummy bears and a good night sleep anymore? Get your bear fix AND and a good night’s sleep. 

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