CBD and MS: National Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Week

cbd oil for ms

Hemp CBD Oil for MS

cbd oil for ms

Here at Plants Not Pills™, we join the National Multiple Sclerosis Society in commemorating MS Awareness Week from March.10th-16th and raising awareness for a disease that affects over 1,000,000 Americans.

What is MS?

MS is an auto-immune disease that inflames and damages the central nervous system by attacking myelin, the protective covering of nerves which are essential in transmitting nerve pulses. Depending on the severity of the disease, the degeneration of myelin can result in a variety of symptoms that include vision and bladder problems, lack of coordination, fatigue and cognitive impairment. There is no cure for MS and as yet researchers are not sure what causes the disease. Over the past decade, several studies have suggested that the prevalence of viral antibodies, specifically Epstein Barr (EBV) and/or Human Herpes Virus-6 (HHV-6), are pre-dispositions to developing MS. Studies have also shown that MS is more common in women than men.

As a result of its wide range of symptoms and the fact that there is no specific blood test or biomarker to conclusively diagnose the disease, 1 in 5 MS sufferers are misdiagnosed. It is therefore essential that sufferers of one or more MS symptoms seek second and third opinions from dedicated MS specialists.

While more conclusive research needs to be conducted into the root causes of MS and how to properly diagnose the disease, the positive effects of cannabidiol (CBD) on neuropathic pain, spasticity, migraines and sleep disturbance experienced by MS sufferers has been suggested in a number of clinical studies.

How can Cannabidiol (CBD) help MS sufferers?

Studies have suggested that inflammation in the body exacerbated by MS can be effectively decreased by the use of CBD in high concentrations. CBD is known for its immunomodulating and anti-inflammatory properties. Through the CB2 receptor stimulation, CBD inhibits the astroganglyocytes and other immune cells over activity thought to be responsible for the destruction of myelin sheets both in the central and peripheral nervous system, therefore providing neuroprotection and limiting the disease’s progression (Kozela, et al, 2011) (Mecha, et al., 2013). CBD effectively reduces the spasticity encountered in the later stages of the disease (Leusink et al, 2012).  In addition, the use of CBD rich oils has shown a clinical reduction of the associated neuropathic pain in MS (Barnes, 2006). Furthermore, a combination of CBD and THC treatment was proven to effectively reduces the pain associated with multiple sclerosis (Rog, Nurmikko & Young, 2007), (Barnes, 2006) and (Lakhan & Rowland, 2009).

Which Plants Not Pills products can help reduce MS Symptoms?

Several Plants Not Pills™ clients experiencing symptoms related to MS have reported an improved quality of sleep and lessening of chronic pain as a result of taking high concentrations of Broad Spectrum (0% THC) and Full Spectrum (<0.3% THC) CBD Oil. The most commonly purchased of these oils is the Plants Not Pills™ THC Free Rise Oil in 1200 and 2400 mg varieties as well as Plants Not Pills™ Revive Full Spectrum (<0.3% THC) at 1200 mg and 2400 mg varieties. Reduction in topical bruising and join pain associated with the disease have also been experienced by MS sufferers through the use of Relief, our unique muscle gel formula contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids, including CBD and THC along with a plethora of essential oils. All of these products are derived from organically cultivated hemp, non-GMO and USDA certified.


If you or a loved one is affected by MS, we encourage you to browse our selection of CBD products at www.plantsnotpillscbd.com . Should you have any questions on what product may aid in the reduction or alleviation of a certain symptom, feel free to email hello@plantsnotpillscbd.com or call us directly at 888.247.3420