The Ultimate Guide on CBD Oil for Dogs With Seizures

We love our furry friends and only want the best for them. When your dog is suffering from epilepsy, you want to find a way to help them manage it. 

Did you know that CBD oil is becoming more acceptable to use as a treatment for seizures in both humans and dogs? If you have a pup that’s dealing with epilepsy, keep reading to learn more about CBD oil for dogs with seizures. 

What is Epilepsy?

Epilepsy is a neurological condition that occurs in the brain. It’s an abnormality that affects the electrical charges in the brain resulting in seizures. Epilepsy is most likely hereditary, but other outside conditions can cause epilepsy as well, yet only about 5% of dogs have it.

Seizures can be incredibly frightening, especially for the pet owner. Even though they look terrifying, your dog isn’t in any pain. Here are some common behaviors that happen when a dog has a seizure:

  • Stiffness
  • Falling
  • Twitching
  • Drooling
  • Foaming at the mouth
  • Loss of bowel movements
  • Blacking out
  • Jerking of muscles

Seizures can be isolated, but if they’re ongoing, your dog could be suffering epilepsy. If you witness your dog dealing with seizures several times, contact your veterinarian for a diagnosis. 

What is CBD Oil?

CBD oil stands for cannabidiol oil and comes from the cannabis plant, which is in the same family as marijuana. CBD is a cannabinoid similar to THC, which comes from marijuana. However, CBD is not psychoactive and comes from the hemp plant, and for this reason, there’s been some gray area concerning its legalities. The important thing to note is that CBD is a legal substance under federal law. 

CBD oil burst on the wellness scene and already has an industry worth several billion dollars. Many people use CBD to control or manage health maladies like anxiety, depression, chronic pain, acne, and even seizures. 

How Can CBD Oil For Dogs With Seizures Help?

To understand how CBD oil works, it’s important to know basic information about the endocannabinoid system (ECS).

The ECS is a system in our bodies, and dog’s bodies, that works to create balance in the body, influencing areas like sleeping, mood, memory, and even hunger. Endocannabinoids produced by our bodies bind to receptors, which in then signal the ECS that it needs to go to work. 

There are two main receptors: C1, which stems from the central nervous system, and C2 in the immune system. 

The great thing about CBD oil is that even though it’s a cannabinoid, the C1 receptors can still use it. The way this works is still mysterious, but there’s ongoing research in humans that shows promise. 

Why Choose CBD Oil For Your Dog’s Seizures

CBD oil is a great choice to control your dog’s seizures. 

Some pet owners might worry about giving their dog medication because of its adverse side effects. Some common side effects might include:

  • Anxiety
  • Weight gain
  • Sluggishness
  • Excessive thirst
  • Damage to the liver
  • Inability to walk correctly

There may be other side effects as well, so this isn’t a complete list. 

One of the reasons why dog owners turn to CBD oil because it has almost no side effects associated. While they’re very rare, the side effects may be:

  • Lethargy
  • Excessive thirst
  • Low blood pressure

The best way to control your dog’s seizures is to give them CBD oil once or twice a day depending on the symptoms and the breed of dog. Talk to your veterinarian about the proper dosage. 

How to Give Your Dog CBD Oil

There are many ways to give your dog CBD oil and varieties in which it comes.


Tinctures are bottles full of CBD oil in which you use an eyedropper for measurement. Tinctures are popular because you can measure out an exact dose and mix it in your dog’s food, water, or administer it orally. 


Capsules are incredibly convenient because the CBD oil already measured out. You can toss these in with your dog’s food or stick it in some peanut butter to encourage them to eat it. 

One drawback of capsules is that you’ll need to make sure you give them the exact measurement, which can be tricky with capsules. They also need time to pass through the digestive system, so they’ll take more time to see results. 


Edibles are gummies infused with CBD oil. You may be able to give your dog edibles, but you’ll have to make sure they’re not flavored with anything that might cause your dog harm. You’ll also need to pay attention to the dosage so you don’t overdose. 


Because CBD is so popular, many companies are making dog treats infused with CBD. They come in many different flavors that dogs love and are safe for them to take.

One thing to be aware of is the calorie content in the treats. If your dog needs a substantial amount of CBD to control their seizures, turning to a CBD oil without a calorie count is preferable. Treats are more for dogs who may need an occasional boost of CBD oil. 

CBD Oil For Dogs And Seizures

CBD oil for dogs with seizures is a promising new way to control a frightening disorder. It will bring peace of mind for you so you can treat your dog naturally. Hopefully, with more research on CBD oil and advice from your veterinarian, you can start using CBD to help manage dogs with epilepsy. 

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