Canine Cannabis: Benefits of Hemp Derived CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD for pets

We spend a whopping $72 billion on our puppies, kitties, and other assorted fur babies annually. It only makes sense that we spend a portion of that — over $10 million — in the growing CBD pet industry.

While studies are still being conducted, CBD, hemp oil, and similar products are blowing up in a big way. You’ve probably heard at least one or two things about it and the various remedies it offers.

If you have a pet that’s sensitive to traditional medicine or could just use a little boost, you might have considered adding CBD or hemp oil to their wellness routine.

Before you introduce these products to your pets, you want to make sure it’s safe and effective. We’ve got the answers you need in our guide to hemp oil for dogs — keep reading.

The Difference Between CBD and Hemp Oil

There are a lot of products on the market, but we’re going to be looking at hemp oil specifically. While some people may speak of them as one and the same, there’s a difference between CBD and hemp oil.

The main differences between them are where the oil comes from and how they’re processed. They also have chemical differences to keep in mind as well.

CBD oil can come from either hemp or other cannabis plants. Because of that, they sometimes have trace amounts of THC (more on this later).

Hemp is a type of cannabis plant, but the seeds don’t contain THC. Hemp oil is expressed from the seeds instead of being processed from the plant and added to oil later.

Benefits of Hemp Oil

Depending on what you’re using it for, hemp oil has a few benefits over CBD oil. Because of how it’s processed, the oil has a good balance of fatty acids.

When ingesting it, the omega oils can help maintain a good weight and lower cholesterol. Using it topically, it fights off flaky skin and keeps you smooth and supple.

As opposed to hemp oil, CBD oil is enriched with added cannabidiol (CBD) that is extracted in either distillate or crystalline extract (powder) form and then used to enrich a carrier oil (i.e. MCT coconut oil, hemp seed or grape seed oil).

Let’s look into cannabidiols and how cannabis oil for dogs can improve the life of your pup.

Cannabidiols and Your Canine

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is the compound that can possibly lead to health benefits when ingested or applied topically. While there’s still a lot to learn, CBD acts as an antagonist, meaning that it actively binds to the cannabinoid receptors found in every mammal, modulating or blocking signals of pain, anxiety and fear generated by the brain.

Worried about if CBD oil can get your dog high?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the chemical compound found in cannabis that gives people the “high” effect typically associated with cannabis. On the other hand, CBD does not have any psychotropic effects.

We are just now studying the endocannabinoid system within humans. Dogs seem to have even more receptors than we do, meaning that hemp derived CBD oil can possibly be even more effective on them than on us. 

Using Hemp Derived CBD Oil for Dogs

Humans use hemp derived CBD oil for many reasons, like helping with anxiety or insomnia. Dogs can use hemp derived CBD oil for those reasons and more.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Managing chronic pain: if you have an older pet, add hemp derived CBD oil to their life to relieve stiff joints
  • Skin issues: apply hemp derived CBD oil on pets with sensitive skin or spots where they chew
  • Anxiety: help your dog relax when traveling, taking your dog to the vet, or having company over
  • Sleep issues: if your dog is waking all night or seems restless, hemp derived CBD oil could get them to sleep
  • Weight loss: because it’s full of good fatty acids, it’s possible that adding it to their diet can get your dog to shed a few pounds if necessary
  • Anti-inflammation: hemp derived CBD oil could possibly reduce inflammation which causes our pets pain
  • Shedding: using hemp derived CBD oil might thicken your pet’s fur and stop them from shedding as much

As you can see, there are many possible benefits to adding hemp derived CBD oil to your dog’s life. Hemp derived CBD oil can especially be beneficial in improving an older pet’s quality of life.

Before you start shopping for CBD oil for dogs, make sure you’re getting the right product. Let’s go through a basic guideline of what to look for when purchasing hemp oil for your dog.

How to Shop for CBD and Hemp Oil for Pets

Like we mentioned before, CBD is a big business. There are a lot of people rushing to meet demand — which means there are inferior products out there.

Buying the wrong kind of hemp derived CBD oil for your dog could be a big waste of your money. It could also worsen your pet’s health.

Here are a few things to look for when making your purchase:

  • Product is for pets only: anything made for humans might be harmful to your dog
  • Full spectrum hemp oil: this kind of oil features the entire range of compounds in the plant which means added benefits
  • Lab tested: be sure whatever you buy has been verified by a lab for content and quality
  • All organic: buying organic is best because there are no pesticides
  • No additives: make sure there are no extra ingredients that might react

Your dog deserves the best quality ingredients. Keep this list in mind when looking for a high-quality, effective hemp oil.

Ready to Try Hemp Derived CBD Oil for your Pet?

No matter what, before adding anything extra to your pet’s regimen, speak with your vet. They might have more ideas to add to this list, too.

Also, if your dog is using medication, CBD oil might have a negative interaction with it. Be sure to use the best quality and watch for any adverse reactions.

CBD oil can make a big difference in your pet’s life. It can reduce their anxiety, manage their pain and make them more comfortable, and even improve their skin and fur.

Ready to try hemp oil for dogs? Choose the perfect product from our shop and improve your pet’s life today!