The History of Sex & Cannabis

sex and cannabis history

Since the beginning of time mankind has sought ways of enhancing one of our most primal human instincts. 

From applying lotus blossom tinctures and ingesting soups made out of bird nests in Asia to eating piranhas in ancient Amazonia, our need to stimulate and sustain desire has led us to try a wide range of potions, lotions, pills and powders. 

Though cannabis for medical purposes was first used in ancient China over five thousand years ago, written record of its aphrodisiacal powers date back far more recently. In the early 7th century, Ayurvedic texts surfaced in India suggesting that cannabis should be used to delay ejaculation, overcome erectile dysfunction and suppress inhibitions. Evidence suggests that during this time period, cannabis was not smoked, but rather drunk in the beverage form of bhang, a dairy based liquid flavoured with sugar and spices. Various forms of this recipe spread through the middle eastern and African cultures in a beverage commonly called Kif. 

Over the centuries Kif or Kief came to mean ‘finely sifted cannabis’which has proven to contain higher concentrations of the principal psycho-active ingredient in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). 

Throughout the world, Kif has continued to be used for sexual enhancement purposes as well as to increase fertility. Herbal remedies with cannabis were regularly used as a cure for impotence in central and Sub-Saharan Africa. The smoking of cannabis in Central America was thought to increase fertility. Even in Russia, a country not known for its liberal cannabis policies, cannabis and lamb fat were combined in traditional wedding dishes intended to augment virgin brides’ sexual pleasure.

Cannabis as an Aphrodisiac and Sexual Performance Enhancer

To understand the power of cannabis as an aphrodisiac and sexual enhancer, it’s essential to understand where desire begins. 

Libido begins in the brain. The moment we like what we see the anterior pituitary gland in our brain produces hormones which charge through our “meso-limbic”/ “reward” pathway. From there these hormones have only one place to go: our reproductive systems. Though testosterone exists in both men and women, it is the prevalence of hormones that causes men to experience an erection. In women, sexual stimulation is caused by the production of estrogen. But these are not the only chemicals produced. We still need the right amount of serotonin, adrenalin and dopamine to keep us in the mood.

In this hormonal process there is plenty of margin for error. In the case of erectile dysfunction, the brain might not be producing enough testosterone, dopamine, serotonin or all of the above. Likewise, problems with the cardiovascular system may restrict the blood flow and transportation of the necessary hormones to where they need to go. In the case of premature ejaculation, the rush of hormones into the blood flow moves too quickly. Add to that external factors such as fatigue, over consumption of alcohol, chronic depression and anxiety- a lot can go wrong.

Cannabidiol (CBD) can have a huge impact on all of these pitfalls. Studies show that the principal non psychoactive ingredient in cannabis can stimulate the CB1 receptors of our endo cannabinoid system into producing higher levels of serotonin, testosterone, estrogen (in women) and dopamine. Depending on the CBD content of a given medical cannabis strain, cardiovascular performance can increase and anxiety levels can decrease thereby creating favorable conditions for enhanced sexual performance. 

CBD-Infused Herbal Aphrodisiacs from Plants Not Pills CBD

Aptly called Spark, these new herbal aphrodisiacs formulas by Plants Not Pills CBD were originally developed by the military for men and women coming out of service with severe PTSD. Both the male and female formulations combine all natural herbal extracts with 20 mg of organic cannabidiol (CBD). Though fundamentally similar, the ratio of ingredients varies in the male and female formulations with special consideration given to female estrogen cycles. 
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