How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?

If you’ve recently purchased CBD gummies, you may ask, how many CBD gummies should I eat? While every product has different amounts per serving, there is a rule of thumb for determining what milligram of CBD you should take.

CBD can range in purpose from sleep to inflammation relief. Here’s your in-depth guide to learning how many CBD gummies you should be eating.

Sleep: 10mg to 25mg

While CBD oil gummies are used for a variety of different things, sleep is the most common. This is many people’s introduction to the wonderful world of CBD oil.

Most people will opt for CBD gummies for sleep because of their fast-acting nature. There is no waiting for a pill to dissolve in the stomach, but rather there is a mainline underneath our tongue which immediately helps nutrients absorb.

For better sleep quality, people will only take 10 milligrams to 25 milligrams. This is because you only need small amounts of CBD to help activate your endocannabinoid system while you are asleep.

This makes CBD gummies a great product for those who need help staying asleep, rather than falling asleep. But there are products that pair melatonin with CBD, making it perfect for those who need to fall asleep and stay asleep.

Anxiety: 15mgs to 30mgs

Everyone has been there, where things just seem overwhelming in life and we feel anxious. Thanks to CBD oil gummies, this problem seems to be much more manageable.

It is easy to pop a gummy into our mouth and chew it, compared to taking a pill. People sometimes have the tendency to find it hard to swallow when anxious, meaning CBD gummies are even better.

Everyone experiences anxiety at different times and at different levels. A standard dosage for CBD for anxiety is 15mgs to 30mgs.

The great thing about gummies is they are easy to include more or less into the anxiety regime. Instead of having to swallow more pills when increasing dosages, you only need to chew a few more gummies.

Inflammation: 50mgs to 150mgs

CBD has now begun to take off for its anti-inflammatory properties. Arthritis now affects 23% of adults in the United States according to the CDC. With promise showing from CBD as more testing is done, it is no wonder why so many are switching over to the supplement.

Arthritis is caused by the inflammation of and around the joints. One of the attributes of CBD is the ability to activate our endocannabinoid system.

The endocannabinoid system works by allowing our bodies to maintain homeostasis. Since inflammation throws our body out of homeostasis, introducing CBD can help restore it.

But inflammation can range from one specific area like a single knee, all the way to your entire body. This is why it requires such a high dosage.

Minimally, you should take 50mgs of CBD. Depending on the severity of the inflammation, you may have to take upwards of 250mgs to see noticeable effects. Your mileage will vary.

Daily Focus: 5mgs to 15mgs

CBD gummies have been shown to also help with daily attention and focus. Those who are in need of a study aid can start looking towards these delicious treats.

Thanks to CBD oil’s ability to alleviate stress and anxiety, this makes it a perfect combo with caffeine. Caffeine will provide the daily energy and mental alertness, while CBD takes away from those caffeine jitters.

The key is to only take a little amount of CBD in the morning. This sets the day up to be as stress-free as possible before it even starts.

That’s why your CBD gummy dosage should be around 5mgs to 15mgs. Any more than that and you might find you are too relaxed throughout the day. Too relaxed can lead to being unproductive, which is counterintuitive.

Acne: 10mgs to 25mgs

New and preliminary studies are showing the benefits of taking CBD for acne. It follows the same idea as inflammation. Acne has many causes, but two of the top are inflammation and oily skin.

As mentioned above, CBD has anti-inflammatory properties. By bringing down the inflammation of the skin which causes acne, there is potential there.

Despite CBD coming from the oily plant hemp, it seems to do the opposite when taken internally. CBD gummies taken can help reduce sebum production, which is directly correlated with a decrease in acne.

Those looking to start getting acne under control, small dosages used daily of 10mg to 25mgs seems to be the sweet spot. Acne has flare-ups at any given time, so CBD should be looked at just like any part of the skincare routine, where it happens daily.

Blood Pressure: 30mgs to 50mgs

Blood pressure is directly related to an increase in stress and anxiety. By reducing stress and anxiety, people have noted a decrease in blood pressure throughout the day.

High blood pressure can negatively affect our heart and the rest of our cardiovascular system. It delays nutrient delivery and makes our heart work harder unnecessarily. Lowering blood pressure can help with healthy cholesterol levels and even healthy blood sugar levels.

A normal dosage of 30mgs to 50mgs to get results is needed. The lower end is for individuals who are prone to high blood pressure from stress and anxiety. Those who are experiencing high blood pressure from inflammation should aim for higher dosages.

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat? As Many as Needed

There are no set answers for the question, how many CBD gummies should I eat. Everyone has their own reason for wanting to take CBD, whether it be sleep or inflammation.

The main goal is to ensure CBD is benefiting you. Experimentation on your own preferred dosage is recommended. You will be able to dial in what you feel is a healthy dosage for yourself, better than what anyone else can recommend.

For those looking to get high-quality CBD gummies, check out our shop for all your CBD needs. If you’re interested in learning more about CBD, check out our blog and share it with friends who are interested in taking CBD gummies for themselves.