Canna Oil

canna oil by Plants Not Pills

An extraction that is used in many recipes for edibles because of its versatility and potency.

What you will need:

1 cup of Coconut Oil
5 grams of your favourite Plants Not Pills CBD strain(s) (decarboxylated)
Cheese Cloth
Large mixing bowl (plastic or glass)
Tape and/or string

Fill the crockpot with enough water for all of the oil to float. Turn the crockpot onto the high temperature setting and allow the oil to completely melt into the water. Add in 30 grams of your favourite strainand stir until the mixture is well combined. Put the thermometer into the crockpot and replace the lid. Monitor the mixture closely, turning the crockpot onto the low setting after it has reached 250 degrees. Add in more water if needed. Stir the mixture every 60 minutes, checking to make sure that the temperature is between 250 to 270 degrees. After 12 hours, turn the crock pot off completely and allow the mixture to cool. While the canna-coconut oil is cooking, place a double layer of cheese cloth over the top of the large mixing bowl. Use the string and/or tape to secure the cheese cloth to the rim. To separate the canna oil from the waste material, carefully pour the mixture over the cheese cloth and into the bowl. Allow the cheese cloth to strain on its own before carefully removing the string/tape and squeezing the cheese cloth to remove the last bits of canna-coconut oil from the waste. Allow the canna-coconut oil to cool on the counter for about an hour. Place in the fridge and leave to separate. Carefully separate the canna-coconut oil from the container and discard the waste material/water.